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M E E T   C A R L

Carl — or Karl as he insists on being called — is The Baron’s distant, distant cousin. The lineage was pointed out by a Mr Darwin and neither The Baron nor Carl can be bothered to come up with an alternative explanation as of yet. Carl is responsible for instore displays and the CVB Instagram feed since the Bazaar opened its doors way back when.

Some say Carl is a bit of show off. Truth be told, the rest of the cousins (aka stallholders) are less than enamoured of Carl’s penchant for selfies. When taking photos of stock Carl usually manages to get his feathers somewhere in the frame. Whereas stallholders claim this is blatant self promotion, Carl insists it’s an innate impulse that he’s unable to control. He just gets really excited about the fantastic items that are for sale. The irony of course his resultant oniomania is actually splendid for business. With his accipitral tendencies (something else to do with inherited evolutionary traits) he knows a good thing when he sees it. Which is nice.

What not to say to Carl: “Oh, a peacock inside. Aren’t you unlucky?”

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