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M E E T   S H E R L O U G H

The Baron is proud of his Uruguayan ancestry and is therefore massively stoked to have his cousin Sherlough as the live-in, in-store detective aka Head of Security cum Bouncer-Is-That-Mannequin-Alive-Or-Not? Unfortunately Sherlough has an incredibly thick Glaswegian patter and most of what he says is unintelligible. Here’s a recent exchange between The Baron and Sherlough.

The Baron: Look lively Sherlough! Thems young ruffians are trying to steal that whale skeleton on Stall 15 again wot wot!

Sherlough: 11010100001101010001110011010100010010001000110100000010

The Baron, wearing a Babelfish in his ear (courtesy of his good friend Douglas Adams), heard this:Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit inde sermone vario ex illa a dipylo stadia confecimus. Indicant pueri, in quibus ut in speculis natura.

Following an exchange with Sherlough, The Baron usually throws his hands up in the air and declares: “Even though I invented Latin, it is no longer trendy and therefore I refuse to acknowledge any communiques delivered via this method.”

If you are interested in purchasing a whale skeleton that is rather difficult to move there may, or may not be, one on Stall 15.

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